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Remote System Administration

Realize the complete ServiceNow® experience you expected.

Already have ServiceNow? Get the most out of your investment!

If you have already made the investment in ServiceNow®, leveraging our Remote System Administration (RSA) service will ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Your existing IT department may not have the expertise required or the time to configure ServiceNow® the way you want it.

Let MSPWorx by Fully Managed become your expert ServiceNow® administrator! Our RSA offering will ensure that your organization is benefiting from all the great features the platform has to offer.

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ServiceNow® – RSA at a glance…

What we can do for you:

  • Develop technical specifications and deploy implementations of the ServiceNow® platform based on ITIL methodology
  • Perform User, Group, and Department setup, including integration with domain and user management tools such as LDAP and Active Directory
  • Develop and deploy integrations between ServiceNow® and existing SaaS or on-premise solutions using XML, HTML, AJAX, CSS, REST/SOAP, or other web services
  • Perform deep customizations of ServiceNow® to align with business goals, including Service Catalog, Workflow, Scheduling, and Asset Management
  • Perform deep customizations of ServiceNow® UI elements, including Login Pages, UI Macros, and CMS
  • Develop Business Rules, Scripts Include – UI Actions and Scheduled Jobs within ServiceNow’s modules
  • Develop reporting within ServiceNow® to align with client SLAs, Measurements, and KPI requirements

Expertise to meet your unique needs

Our experts take the time to review your needs as we understand each customer has their own unique goals and requirements. We then work with you to ensure that your ServiceNow® instance is configured the right way for you.

Whether you engage with us on a project basis or for a monthly fee, our experienced system admins will ensure your platform is operating at peak performance. Our expert developers and consultants can also design and help implement enhancements for your platform — keeping pace with your business as it grows.

Remote Admin Experts

Cost savings

ServiceNow® system admins are expensive and in high demand — which means they can be hard to find and even harder to keep. Adding employees also comes with other hiring costs…

Hourly consultants can become very costly, very fast. Many organizations are surprised with the final costs once they start to engage with outsourced consultants, and at times, projects take much longer than initially estimated.

By leveraging our Remote System Administration (RSA) offering, you will receive true ServiceNow® expertise and continual platform enhancements tailored to your business — all in a cost-effective, mid-market model.

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